Our Collection

We understand that a ‘retreat’ is different for everyone. For us, a retreat is a getaway in a unique, peaceful and inspiring environment. It’s the beautifully crafted lodge that enjoys a sweeping ocean vista. It’s the luxury, tented eco-camp that exists in harmony with nature. It’s the perfectly located holiday home, with an infinity pool overlooking the undulating hills. And it’s the chic boutique hotel in the city’s trendiest neighbourhood whose clever design and dazzling décor cushion you beautifully from the city’s pulse.

What unifies our collection of retreats are the hallmarks of luxury, style and the ability to create a certain type of magic. If time in the property leaves you feeling refreshed, reminds you of what you love in life and gives you the space to reconnect with it... if a property has that kind of magic... it’s a View Retreat.

Our Philosophy

We believe that taking time out to reconnect with your self, those you love and the things that make you smile, is the key to a happy and balanced life. The pace of today’s world means we are always going and rarely slowing to simply appreciate the small details, the simple moments, and the incredible beauty of our planet. What’s more, arranging a well needed getaway is often more stressful than it is relaxing. We aim to turn the tide on these trends by making it simple for you to find the highest quality accommodation in the most picturesque locations for you to relax, reconnect & rejuvenate.

Our Properties

You might have guessed that we have pretty high standards and we expect that you do too. After decades in the tourism industry, we know what is out there, what can be expected and how to sort the good from the great, the excellent from the truly exceptional. We hand select our properties, evaluate them against a rigorous set of criteria and if the property truly is the best of the best, you will find it on View Retreats.

Our Difference


Curated Collection of exceptional boutique properties hand-selected so you are only presented with the best of the best.


Sophisticated Search Functionality that allows you to search by location, style, number of guests and amenities with absolute accuracy.


Personal Connections have been made with each property owner to ensure you will be in the hands of only the most gracious and attentive hosts.


Getaway Specialists have an intimate knowledge of all our properties and work one-on-one with you to match your getaway dreams to the perfect retreat, at no additional cost.


You Relax, We Give Back. We support initiatives that are working hard to make a positive impact in the tourism industry and the world at large.

We’ll help you book the perfect retreat for your getaway!