Glittering stretches of sand, ocean shades in every hue and the majesty of the Great Barrier Reef are just a handful of reasons as to why Australia is considered a world famous beach destination. From fast paced crashing surf to sheltered hidden coves, tropical island paradises and cosmopolitan city beaches decked in sunlight, there is the perfect piece of sand and sea for everyone. When selecting your luxury accommodation on the shoreline take a look at these pristine beach destinations to choose from.

Bondi Beach, New South Wales

Bondi Beach -


The iconic sands and awe inspiring surf that make up one of Australia’s most renowned beaches allows for a lively scene of the young and the reckless and all different shades of cool. With many trendy bars and a decadent jet set feel you can soak up the ambience of Sydney’s party scene.

Greens Pool, Western Australia

Greens Pool -


The magical Greens Pool is true to its name boasting emerald shimmering waters and smooth rock boulders. This is the perfect place for snorkelling in the shallows, stretching out on pristine sands beneath the rock shade and exploring the numerous crevices and soft lit pools.

Cable Beach, Western Australia

Cable Beach


Rising red cliffs, sea pearls glistening on the sands and turquoise waters make Cable Beach a true picture of heaven on earth. An idyllic couples retreat into this calming oasis allows for camel rides along the coast, whale watching out on the horizon and pearl diving on the seabed floor.

75 Mile Beach, Queensland

75 Mile Beach -


Standing on the apricot sands of a beach that stretches for 75 miles is a spectacular experience. The natural landscape holds a wild beauty backed up by whales and dolphins dancing in the waters offshore. Even though sharks grace the waters here you can enjoy the magnitude of Mother Nature as you drive along the shore.

Bells Beach, Victoria

Bells Beach -


Watch the surfers dance on water or pick up a board and fuel your adrenaline fires on the beauty of Bells Beach. Pick a holiday house on the shore and race down to the crashing surf at sunrise to witness the ocean in all her glory.

Lizard Island, Queensland

Lizard Island -


Discover the splendour of the Great Barrier Reef in the pleasure playground of Lizard Island. Sugar spun sands and sapphire waters laced with turquoise and gold make for a snorkelers paradise. Dive down into the deep and explore a world of bright blooming coral gardens and exotic fish.

Shell Beach, Western Australia

Shell Beach -


The spectacular coral coast will leave you breathless with its snow white sands made up of millions of crushed, pearly shells. The natural wonderland of Shell Beach flanked by topaz, teal and turquoise waters is certainly a sight to behold and will ignite all your senses.

Byron Bay, New South Wales

Byron Bay 2, NSW

Image: Tourism Australia

The crescent slip of bright sands, the lush landscape and the vibrant waters are just a few reasons as to why Byron Bay is such a high hitter when it comes to remarkable beaches in Australia. With scores of Byron Bay accommodation to choose from and beautiful headland walks you can find your own piece of paradise.

Wineglass Bay, Tasmania

Wineglass Bay -


Pink peaks, turquoise coloured waters and secluded sands makes Wineglass Bay one of the most attractive beaches in the world. This is the place of pure luxury with prestigious honeymoon accommodation, fresh oysters on every table and warm and welcoming marine rich waters.

Whitehaven Beach, Queensland

Whitehaven Beach -


Straight out of a fantasy comes Whitehaven Beach, marbled white sands mingle with every jewelled shade of blue and the verdant greenery of the rolling hills behind frame this spectacular sight. Take a bush walk through nature, stretch out on powder white sands and bathe in the world’s purest waters to your hearts content.

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