View Retreats Membership

View Retreats is an exclusive marketing & booking service for unique and luxury accommodation. We only feature boutique accommodation of the highest quality, which is why joining our range is by invitation only. The number of properties that we list is limited by category and region to maintain exclusivity, and all properties are reviewed annually against our extensive membership criteria. Joining View Retreats is free and we have performance-based payment structures to cater to all types of property owners and managers. If you think that your property would be a good fit for our collection, please get in touch.


Our Features

Exceptional Value

Just because we’re exclusive doesn’t mean we’re expensive. Our performance-based payment structures offer some of the best value in the business.

Exclusive Range

We hand-pick all accommodation to ensure quality and exclusivity. Unlike other sites, your property will always be featured amongst the best company.

Direct Connect

Provide your live rates & availability to us via a range of leading channel managers - or choose to sell your property ‘on request’ if you prefer.

Increased Visibility

Our website is highly optimised and ranks in the top 5 Google search results for hundreds of keywords relating to luxury accommodation & getaways.

Simple Booking Admin

Our booking system allows you to manage your rates, availability and bookings quickly and easily. You can also use it to update other OTA’s.

Dedicated Support

Our dedicated support team is always on hand to answer any questions, provide technical support, or work with you on joint marketing activities.

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