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Weekend Escapes & Short Breaks from Brisbane

Standing in the shadow of Sydney and Melbourne no more, Brisbane offers a hip city escapade and boasts a thriving cultural and food scene. But if you are looking for somewhere with a less frenetic pace, drive only a few hours from Brisbane and the options become incredibly diverse. From serene hinterlands and charming countryside villages to sun-drenched beaches and coastal towns, take your pick from our handpicked selection of the best weekend getaways from Brisbane.

Weekend Getaways in NoosaWeekend Getaways in Noosa

Want to spend your weekend with calming beach vibes and a refined, relaxed, and friendly atmosphere? Noosa is the place to be. There is a wide range of accommodation in Noosa, and we’ve selected the best ones for your weekend getaways. Be minutes (or seconds) away from the beach, a plethora of cafes and restaurants, and enjoy the laidback vibes and all the good things in life.

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Weekend Getaways in Sunshine Coast & HinterlandWeekend Getaways in Sunshine Coast & Hinterland

The Sunshine Coast is dubbed “the most loved destination in the world” for many great reasons! Here, you can experience barefoot luxury on sandy golden shores, or be in the midst of the verdant rainforests—all within minutes away of the city’s modern comforts. Elevate your weekend getaway with a stay at one of our handpicked retreats where you can indulge your senses and experience undisturbed peace and quiet.

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Weekend Getaways in BroadbeachWeekend Getaways in Broadbeach

Broadie has a fun, vibrant, and upbeat energy perfect for when you’re looking for a perky weekend getaway. We love exploring the many different bistros and brasseries so we can sample the latest offerings from up-and-coming dining spots. If you love surfing or simply hanging out by the beach for that relaxed Gold Coast vibe, you’ll enjoy staying at any of our hand-picked hotels and residences in Broadbeach.

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Weekend Getaways in Surfers ParadiseWeekend Getaways in Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise is known for that rush of excitement—may it be from a wave or an attraction on the shore! Apart from being a surfing hotspot, it is also known for its pulsing nightlife and entertainment. Whether you’re in the area to enjoy the next swell or just looking for an escape on the Gold Coast, we’ve got you covered. We’ve reviewed and handpicked the best getaways where you can enjoy Surfers Paradise to the fullest while having your own luxurious retreat.

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Weekend Getaways in Byron BayWeekend Getaways in Byron Bay

Have you explored the beautiful beaches of Byron Bay? What about its hinterlands? There is so much to discover and whether you’re into the coastal lifestyle or the rainforest vibes, there’s a spot in Byron Bay for you. Our curated selection of the best accommodation perfect for short (or extended!) getaways will place you close to the wonders of the area while treating you to stylish interiors and that relaxed North Coast vibe.

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Weekend Getaways in Scenic RimWeekend Getaways in Scenic Rim

Unmatched views of the Scenic Rim’s natural wonders. From expansive landscapes to majestic mountain ranges, we have only the best quick escapes for you. Indulge in menus filled with fresh local produce and fine wines while surrounded by the grandeur of nature. We would love nothing more than to help you experience enchanting getaways, and once you experience a stay at any of our top picks, they’ll be your favourites as well.

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