Sometimes the rigours of daily life prevent us from spending quality time with our partners. A surprise romantic getaway may be just the thing you need to add some anticipation, excitement and romance back into your relationship. Here are our essential tips to ensure you make the most of your romantic escape.

1. Get organised early

Don’t believe everything that you hear about cheap last-minute deals. If you want to secure the perfect accommodation for your romantic getaway – you know, the one with the open fireplace and the spa bath on the deck under the stars – then our advice is to book early. This is especially true for long-weekends and Valentines Day which are often booked up to a year in advance. If your schedule allows, why not try a mid-week getaway? Make sure you ask the property owner about any mid-week deals that may be available.

2. Location, location, location

The location is probably the most important element of your getaway, as this will really set the tone for what sort of experience you will have. Aside from checking out what you can see and do in the local area, you should also check out the exact location of the property. A good idea is to search for the accommodation on Google Earth to see just how close the neighbours really are – after all, you don’t really want anyone cramping your style.

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3. It’s a celebration

If you are celebrating a special occasion, always be sure to inform your hosts. Often retreats and lodges will offer special amenities such as champagne or a hamper for occasions like a birthday or anniversary. They may also be able to arrange additional services such as a private chef, a birthday cake or an in-house masseur for an additional fee.

4. Planning makes perfect

Part of the joy of a romantic getaway is having plenty of freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want, but it’s also worth doing a little bit of research before you go too. There may be a special event that you could visit, an amazing new restaurant you need to book or a sunrise hot air balloon ride that you need to arrange. Our advice is to plan the big things and leave the rest of the time free for spontaneity.

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5. Disconnect to find a better connection

If you really want to create the ideal atmosphere for romance then it’s time to disconnect – put away your phone, your tablet and your laptop and commit to leaving them off until you return home. If you spend all of your time answering calls and updating the rest of the world about your romantic getaway, then you’ve really missed the point!

6. Food, glorious food

Good food is an essential part of any getaway. Check out what restaurants are in the area before you go, as often the most popular will be booked out well in advance. If staying home is more your thing, you will often find an abundance of fresh local produce at weekend farmer’s markets allowing you to cook up a storm. Whichever you choose, don’t forget to pick up some local wine to compliment your dinner or to sip in front of the open fire later.

7. Make every day count

Even though you may have to check out in the morning of your last day, it doesn’t mean that your getaway has to end here. Why not arrange somewhere special for lunch, find a local winery to visit, or if you want to go all out – arrange a surprise romantic champagne picnic by the beach?

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Image Credit: Arajilla Retreat, Lord Howe Island