Cottagecore presents us with a different take on luxury. In its traditional definition, “luxury” is associated with words such as grand, extravagant, rich… In the travel industry, luxury traditionally means travelling in private planes or first class, cruising on a private yacht, and staying at 5-star hotels or exclusive getaways–everything cottagecore isn’t. However, we believe that luxury means different things to different people, and that it may be something as simple as waking up in a cosy bedroom in a country hideaway.

A cosy bedroom at Glenapp Castle, Scotland

Cottagecore Meaning

“Cottagecore” which is also known as “countrycore” or “farmcore” is a social media movement that is a nod to the charm of life in the English countryside. The coined word has two parts; the prefix cottage- refers to usually a small village or country house, while the suffix -core (as in hardcore music) indicates its being a new delineation of the farm life genre. The meaning of cottagecore is also closely tied to sustainability, wellness, and rustic rural concepts in a certain dreamy aesthetic—more on that later… It paints the picture of a simple life lived in harmony with nature, thus the often plant-covered cottages and homes you’d see when you Google the term.

Cottagecore also takes inspiration from faeries, witches, gnomes, and other fantastical beings. (Image credit: Gilpin Hotel & Lake House, UK)

It started early in 2017—Tumblr days, making it a pretty recent movement, and was popularized by Instagram and TikTok around 2019. When the pandemic hit, this budding movement peaked, with people going back to basics and finding fulfilment and moments of peace even from the simplest things. Cottagecore then became the perfect vehicle for finding a safe space from the world’s stressors… an escape, if you will, from the dark times humanity was facing as a whole.

The French Country House in Whakamarama, New Zealand

The Aesthetic

At the heart of cottagecore lies contentment. Contentment from simple things, to be precise. This movement builds on romanticizing that simple countryside life—those simpler days without notifications from your phone disrupting your every thought or activity. Cottagecore aesthetics build on that wistful feeling of being at home in the country, even if you didn’t grow up in one! Isn’t it magical?

Rustic style interiors at Mudbrick Cottages, Waiheke Island, NZ

It stirs up cosy, safe, and warm feelings inside. Interiors with plush couches, fresh flowers in vases, windows with lace-trimmed curtains letting a lot of natural light in, and a fireplace ready to warm the room up and fill it with the spicy scent of burning logs. The look is, for sure, far from modern. But it encourages people to think back to the days when the pace was much slower and life was simpler. Easier. Escaping to a hideaway with cottagecore vibes allows you to let relax and let your guard down for a bit!

A living room with a crackling fire and plush couches perfectly sets the cottagecore aesthetic
Cosy living room at Woolrich Historic Garden Cottage, Victoria, AU

Stop and Smell the Flowers – Cottagecore Activities

Slowing down and being in the present moment does wonders for people. The cottagecore vibe is all about the passive enjoyment of things you have to do throughout the day. Whether it’s picking edible flowers to top a freshly baked cake with or drizzling a cobbler with milk and having breakfast in a rustic light-filled kitchen, taking time to enjoy these seemingly mundane tasks adds a spark of joy and makes them more fulfilling experiences.

Cottagecore-style flower topped cake showing the beauty and bounty of nature
Flower-topped cake from The French Country House, NZ

You may not know it, but you may have already even partaken in cottagecore activities! Have you ever gone out to the garden to sit somewhere and read your favourite book? Walked a trail to admire the happy little shrubbery attempting to take over the path? Or taken some flowers and pressing them to make a memento of that peaceful moment? These are simple cottagecore activities that let you appreciate the simple things in life once more. Domestic village life doesn’t sound as bland as some might believe it to be when you experience how freeing and unencumbered it actually is! It’s a certain type of luxury in and of itself, don’t you think?

A bunch of fresh lavender from Stonewell Cottages & Vineyards, South Australia
A charming place to sit at Woolrich Historic Garden Cottage

Try it out and feel the cottagecore vibe. It might just be the kind of getaway you didn’t know you needed. For more escapes, check out our full collection.

Image credit: Stonewell Cottages & Vineyards, South Australia

What’s your luxury?

Luxury means different things to different people. Is your luxury a glamorous hotel in downtown Manhattan, a private island hideaway on the Great Barrier Reef, or a safari camp on the plains of the Serengeti? We’ll help you find your perfect version of luxury in some of the world’s most beautiful places.


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