Escape on a newlywed adventure to a world of fine wines, gourmet dining, sun kissed sands and exotic luxury retreats in the pristine beauty of the land down under. Australia is an opulent playground for a romantic getaway with choices of brilliant beaches, clean mountain air, vine tangled accommodation and plenty of rugged wilderness to spark the fire of love. Take a look at just a handful of Australia’s finest honeymoon destinations that are sure to ignite all the senses. 

Yarra Valley

Sweeping vineyards of gold and green, rustic and romantic accommodation, innovative cuisine and lashings of gorgeous mountain air make the Yarra Valley a first class choice for those seeking an elegant honeymoon destination that indulges all the senses. Wine lovers will meet their match with over fifty open cellar doors to explore. Raise a toast in the lush landscaped gardens of Domaine Chandon, take an exhilarating helicopter ride over the spiralling ash forests, and sample prestigious artisan cheeses at the 100 year old Yarra Valley Dairy

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The Whitsundays

Sugar spun white sands and kaleidoscope shades of blue make the Whitsundays a premier honeymoon destination for couples looking to get away from it all. Luxury accommodation offers rejuvenating spa treatments, fresh fruit cocktails beside endless infinity pools, and the freshest seafood tastes to delight and inspire. With scores of islands to explore you can find the one that suits you best or hop snorkel and Jet Ski your way around to sample the delights of each and every one. 

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Kangaroo Island

Sheer coastal cliffs, sea lions splashing in the surf and complex carved sunken caves all make Kangaroo Island a windswept and wild place to indulge in wonder and love. You can relish a champagne picnic whilst watching the kangaroos raise their young against a flaming sunset. You can tumble in the sweeping sands, splash in the playful azure waters and enjoy world class luxury accommodation to relax and unwind after all the exploring.

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Byron Bay

Byron’s Bay in New South Wales seems to have it all when it comes to a romantic escape peppered with pure excitement. From candlelit romantic dinners to midnight strolls on the beach, boutique resorts and hot air ballooning over the picture perfect bay, you will never tire of the pleasures of this New South Wales gem. Trek the emerald rainforests together, soak up the surf and indulge in a kayak adventure to seek out secluded coves with no other footprints on the sand.

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Lord Howe Island

Discover the prize jewel of the pacific and get off the beaten track with a secret getaway to the splendour of Lord Howe Island. Rising volcanic peaks, rolling verdant green hills and blissful beaches flanked by Bayan trees makes this one of the lushest spots imaginable in the whole of Australia. Five star honeymoon accommodations, hidden rainforest restaurants and a marine rich garden of coral means that you can immerse yourself in activity or simply sit on the beach and soak up this special time together.

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