If your soul yearns for freedom, for a place where you can sit undisturbed among the best mother nature has to offer, all just a short hop from Adelaide’s hustle and bustle, look no further than Kangaroo Island. With breath-taking scenery and home to an unimaginable menagerie of wild-life, it’s a little slice of heaven on earth. That’s not all: fabulous restaurants, premium wines, vibrant markets and an absorbing cultural scene make the island the ultimate getaway destination.

Here we’ve picked the top 5 unmissable experiences for your trip to Kangaroo Island:

1. Kangaroo Island’s welcomed sense of disconnection from the real world means that retail opportunities are limited, and that’s perhaps how it should be. Although there are no shopping centres in evidence, you can still purchase a wide range of arts, crafts and souvenirs. There are also delightful farmers’ markets brimming over with fresh prawns, oysters, sheep cheeses, olive oil and seasonal produce. Visit Clifford’s Honey Farm, and enjoy their decadent honey ice-cream.

Crayfish Marron Cafe

2. Home to the gastronomical extravaganza that is the annual Kangaroo Island FEAST-ival, the locals make no attempt to hide the fact that they appreciate the indulgent things in life. This is apparent in the island’s wines and superb restaurants, all placing an emphasis on using only the freshest, home-grown ingredients. Set on a farm, the Marron Cafe presents a mouth-watering menu which showcases the fresh crayfish and delectable wines that are both cultivated on site. 

3. Culturally speaking, Kangaroo Island is a curious mash of intriguing heritage and an up-and-coming art scene. Unsurprisingly, creative folk are inspired by the island’s spirituality and jaw-dropping vistas; you’ll find studios and galleries home to a legion of weavers, potters, artists and sculptors.  Although idyllically tranquil these days, Kangaroo Island has had its share of turbulent moments, and was the country’s first free colony. Soak up the history and spectacular views at Cape Willoughby Lighthouse, which is South Australia’s oldest.

Seals Kangaroo Island

4. Kangaroo island simply overflows with every kind of wild-life experience you can imagine: feed pelicans, meet kangaroos, watch sedentary koalas, or get up close and personal with Australian sea lions. The scenery is just as awe-inspiring and multifarious. You’ll find sugar gum forests sitting alongside sandy dunes, towered over by majestic mountain ranges. Extraordinary geological formations are everywhere, with nothing reflecting their magnificence more than Admiral’s Arch and Remarkable Rocks, situated just ten minutes apart.

5. There is a deep sense of otherworldliness, which permeates Kangaroo Island, permitting body and soul to take a step back and regroup; and it’s no coincidence that the island is a haven for retreats and luxurious day spas. The Rustic Blue day spa offers a revitalising combination of spiritual treatments, such as Feng Shui and  palmistry, along with pampering and indulgent massages.


Kangaroo Island. What more can you say? Blissful, unspoilt nature at its best. Make the most of your getaway by choosing holiday accommodation that heightens the experience, and check out our range of exclusive accommodation available.


Image Credit: Tourism South Australia, Tourism Australia