Finding the perfect place to stay for the whole family can prove tricky at times, especially with so much choice when it comes to hotels, villas, holiday rentals and more. Whether hitting the beautiful beaches of New South Wales, heading into the Blue Mountains to embrace the great outdoors or planning a decadent getaway in the wonderful Whitsundays, you want to seek the best place possible to rest your head. You want a place that welcomes you and your children, grandma and maybe even your dog with open arms – a place where you can all sleep easy, embrace the flexibility and take full advantage of the fun in store.

Take a look at these top 3 tips on finding the best family friendly accommodation

1. Location matters

You can plan a dream getaway, find the best hotel and adore the price but all this can quickly fall into disarray if the location doesn’t quite tick the box. Traveling with the family and especially kids means that you need to be poised for plenty of activities, sights and entertainment close by. Even if you have been waiting for that ultimate retreat with a glass of wine and book in hand, chances are the young ones aren’t going to be impressed with a quaint cabin in the middle of nowhere. Look for action packed events close by, swimming pools, beaches, water sports, bike rides and more that will keep them active and ready to crash as soon as their heads hit the pillow. 

2. Think outside the box

Many families will head straight for the hotels boasting kids clubs, outdoor pools and resort dining as part of the package. Even though many hotels offer plush amenities for adults and lots of activities for kids it is well worth thinking outside the box and looking at alternative options. With holiday houses and villa rentals you can enjoy a lot more for less. Not only will you save money but you can also enjoy eating, sleeping, and waking when you like and not having to worry about the noise. Many house rentals also fall into the bracket of offering pet friendly accommodation meaning that no one has to be left behind this summer. 

3. Take some personal time

Many travellers with children in tow will aim all their holiday planning around this and forget to weave in a little fun and luxury for themselves. Sure you want the kids to splash in the surf, build sandcastles, run riot and come home with fresh rosy cheeks but you also want to come back refreshed and rejuvenated rather than exhausted. Make sure that you select somewhere that allows you to tap into your inner calm and treat yourself. Look for holiday rentals offering a pool, close to a spa treatment centre, a stone’s throw away from fine dining options and with a private room adorned in plush furnishings. 


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Image Credit: Tourism Australia