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Sunshine Coast hotels & resorts

Are you looking for the best Sunshine Coast hotels & resorts for your next holiday? Look no further! Our expert team has reviewed and handpicked a collection of the best Sunshine Coast luxury accommodation including resorts, 5-star hotels and apartments that are perfect for a family holiday, romantic getaway or luxury escape. Let us help you plan your perfect luxury getaway on the Sunshine Coast.

With over one hundred kilometres of pristine sand along thirteen of Queensland’s best beaches, the Sunshine Coast is the ideal region for a sunny luxury getaway. Visit the pristine national parks, beach resort towns like Noosa and Maroochydore, and charming hinterland towns where you can enjoy rainforest walks and visit beautiful waterfalls. Queensland’s Sunshine Coast will leave you relaxed, revitalised and naturally refreshed.

With its subtropical climate and an average of seven hours of sunshine a day, the Sunshine Coast in QLD is perfect for your next romantic getaway or family holiday.

Starting approximately one hour’s drive north from Australia’s third-largest city, Brisbane, and stretching north for hundreds of kilometres, the Sunshine Coast offers plenty for you to discover. Watch the humpback whale migration from June to November or explore some of Australia’s best surf beaches. Visit Maroochydore, Marcoola, Mooloolaba and Alexandra Headlands, which are some of Australia’s most vibrant and exciting beachfront destinations. Or why not check out the Glasshouse Mountains from any number of panoramic lookouts, especially along the Blackall Range Scenic Drive. Visit the quaint villages of Montville and Mapleton, which offer stunning views, fresh local produce and cheeses and interesting arts and crafts.

With such diversity, you can find a Sunshine Coast holiday that is suitable for everyone. Our expert team has selected an exclusive range of the best 5-star hotels & resorts on the Sunshine Coast making it easy for you to plan your next family holiday or luxury escape.

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