One of the most popular destinations in Japan, Kyoto is well-known for its stunning temples, shrines, and its beautiful gardens. It is a great place to experience traditional Japanese culture, with plenty of opportunities to see kimono-clad women and participate in traditional tea ceremonies. Kyoto offers plenty of other activities as well. There are many bars and nightlife spots as well as restaurants serving traditional Japanese food–with yudofu (or Japanese tofu) as their famous specialty. After a day of exploring this surprise-filled destination, take your pick and relax in one of the best hotels in Kyoto.

Luxury Hotel SOWAKA

Luxury Hotel SOWAKA is a traditional and historic architecture in Gion which has been renovated into a luxurious ryokan (Japanese inn). Upon stepping into the premises, you’ll be enveloped in a sense of calm inside this elegantly restored ryokan. It has a peaceful traditional Japanese courtyard, only 23 individually designed rooms, and fine on-site dining lending your stay an exclusive feel.

Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto

Set in the scenic Higashiyama district of temples, Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto is a 5-star destination hotel that offers guests a luxurious experience in Japan. We love the tea house by the tranquil pond, the on-site sushi bar when you’re in the mood for authentic Japanese food, and the Western restaurant for a more international menu. The al fresco dining space overlooking the garden is a super chill spot, especially at night!

Suiran, a Luxury Collection Hotel

If you’re looking for a traditional stay in Kyoto, Suiran is the place to be. This Luxury Collection Hotel is set in an over 100-year-old Japanese villa set on the banks of Hoizu River. Be enchanted by the views of the lush Arashiyama landscape from your seat at Koi-Suiran, the on-site restaurant, or enjoy your private haven as you take a dip in the traditional onsen-style baths… P.S. Suiran is also part of our forest-bathing getaway picks in Japan!

Dhawa Yura Kyoto

Want to be within reach of everything Kyoto has to offer? Dhawa Yura Kyoto is a boutique hotel conveniently situated near shrines, temples, restaurants, shopping centres, and museums in Sanjo–downtown Kyoto. Contemporary design meets Japanese style in this intimate boutique hotel. We especially love the enchanting atmosphere of the indoor bamboo garden!

The Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto

The Ritz-Carlton Kyoto combines traditional Japanese touches with luxe modern comforts. Tatami mats in the bedroom leading out to a private garden paired with moody ambient lighting makes this such a relaxing stay. Like Dhawa Yura Kyoto, this luxury hotel gives guests easy access to attractions downtown. We suggest you try the relaxing treatments at Tokyo Day Spa on the 46th floor for amazing panoramic views of the skyline as you get pampered!

Hotel the Celestine Kyoto Gion

From the sukiya-style exterior of the on-site restaurant Yasaka Endo to the stylish and relaxing guest lounge, everything about Hotel The Celestine Kyoto Gion exudes authentic Japanese style. Set in the charming town of Gion, you’ll find yourself surrounded by charming traditional townhouses, shrines, and temples that will immerse you in local culture. After strolling down the scenic Hanamikoji-dori street, take a relaxing dip in the sleek and spacious onsen-style bath accessible to all guests.

Hyatt Regency Kyoto

Choose from a range of spacious suites and luxurious rooms at Hyatt Regency Kyoto in Higashiyama Shichijo, a district that retains the history and elegance of the old capital. Enjoy the flavours of Japan from its range of restaurants and bars or simply relax in your well-appointed Japanese-style suite as room service takes your sushi straight to your door. Part of our Hyatt Hotels collection, Hyatt Regency Kyoto offers unparalleled hospitality and excellent service to make your holiday in Japan the best it can be.

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Image credit: Hotel The Celestine Kyoto Gion

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