Planning the perfect escape to Australia is sure to be filled with fine dining, luxury holiday accommodation, sand, surf and plenty of sunshine, yet there are also lots of wonderful offbeat ways in which you can spend your time down under.

Whether seeking a fun-fuelled family getaway, looking for lavish and exciting ways to spend your honeymoon, or whether you simply want to see a different shade when it comes to your summer holiday, Australia is bursting at the seams with amazing things to do. Get off the beaten track and find something special with these 5 unique things you can do on your getaway…

1. Climb the Harbour Bridge

The iconic Sydney skyline features the beautiful arched harbour bridge and you really haven’t experienced the cosmopolitan city without crossing it at least once. Yet imagine waking from your luxury accommodation as dawn spills her yolk over the city and climbing to the top of the bridge on foot. From the very top of the steel frame you can embrace the breathtaking views of Sydney sprawled out beneath you from a vantage point few will ever access. 

2. Learn artisan secrets

Those on a romantic getaway in the heart of the hazy Blue Mountains or the Yarra Valley can get ready to tempt their palate with something special. After wining and dining to your hearts content why not learn how to take a piece of these special gourmet regions home with you. There are lots of day courses in which you can find out all about making your own full bodied blushing red wines or perfectly crafting chocolate truffles and even turning goat’s milk into the finest, richest cheeses imaginable. Inspire the artisan inside of you with a culinary crash course in Australia. 

3. Hot air balloon breakfast

If you are staying in Byron Bay accommodation or close to the Gold Coast there can be no better way to start your day then above the clouds. Enjoy a remarkable champagne breakfast in a hot air balloon drifting over the blushing fields, the deep cut valleys the opulent vineyards and the shimmering horizon. This is the ultimate for those on a romantic retreat wanting to up the ante when it comes to making memories that last a lifetime. 

4. Camel rides across the sands

Transport your senses to a nomadic world of splendour with a camel ride across the sands of Cable Beach in Broome. Whether you want to see the sky burst into colour with an early morning ride, glisten in the afternoon haze and heat or watch the sun set like a stone, you can do it all from the back of a camel in this remarkable, once in a lifetime adventure. 

5. Experience a cattle muster

Take a walk on the wild side and discover how to herd cattle in the sizzling heat, gold’s and reds that make up the outback. This is a rare adventure that will take you across one of the world’s most majestic and mysterious landscapes as you herd the cattle across the country. Roaring campfires, watching the stars prickle the sky and meeting the locals along the way are all part of this truly unique experience.


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photo credit: J. Paxon Reyes via photopin cc