Food lovers will fall head over heels with the fresh local produce, the delicious delicatessens and the farmers markets that populate the regions of New Zealand. From succulent mouth wateringly tender lamb to straight off the boat seafood, handpicked vegetables, fragrant herbs and artisan wheels of cheeses, New Zealand truly is a gourmet experience that will linger on the tongue for years to come.

Couples who share a passion for fine wining and dining can book luxury accommodation at some of these truly delectable gourmet experiences that grace New Zealand.

Taste of Auckland festival

New Zealand’s most celebrated food festival is sure to tantalise your taste buds in ways you never imagined. Wandering around the beautiful expanse of Victoria Park sampling every delicacy under the sun is without a doubt the best way to spend your day in Auckland. Learn how to perfectly pair wine with ripened continental cheeses, indulge in farm to plate lunches, and learn how to make the most of your flavours at home with free cooking classes.

Waipara Valley Farmers Market

Haul in a fabulous bounty at the Waipara Valley Farmers Market. This is the perfect place to stay to enjoy a weekend getaway filled with rustic charm, country fresh air and incredible food. Explore the stalls laden down with jewelled fruits, leafy greens, fresh seafood, tender cuts of meat, local honeys and preserves and so much more. Meander the market and treat your senses to the best in home grown produce, pick up all the ingredients for a picnic and head for the hills for an afternoon of hiking and al fresco dining.

Touring the Blenheim area

Blenheim is the home of great gourmet experiences in New Zealand and is an incredible place to visit and to take a stroll through the boutique delicatessens and vineyards dotted around these picturesque parts. Lazy Sundays are best spent sampling the locally produced wines, tasting the difference with local preserves, cheeses and chocolates and visiting the gorgeous gardens. Book in for a country fresh lunch or truly delectable dinner at Raupo for the freshest pink salmon and mussels or head to The Secret Garden for wild game pies and excellent craft beer.

Dinner at Saffron in Arrowhead

The small mining town may look unimposing at first glance but these streets are home to one of the finest  restaurants in the whole of New Zealand. The warm and homely welcome will sweep you off your feet and  as you sit down to indulge in a finely crafted menu, you can taste New Zealand cuisine at its best. Seared  scallops with tamarind pearls, chargrilled mouth-wateringly tender lamb fillets, seasonal fresh grazing  plates and deep fried salted caramel ice cream are just a few of the treats to tempt you in through the doors.

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Image Credit: Tourism New Zealand