The stresses of modern living can easily seep into the bedroom leaving couples exhausted, drained and full of worries when they snuggle down beneath the sheets. With the humdrum of work, family, money and so much more it’s no wonder that life in the bedroom can be full of snores and not much more. Yet reigniting the romance is simple with a quick romantic getaway somewhere special.

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Rekindle the Romance without Traveling Far

Australia and New Zealand are actually bursting at the seams with luxurious, romantic and wild swept spots to sweep you both off your feet, meaning that you don’t even have to travel far to indulge in some alone time. Escape the mayhem of life at home and get back to nature, to each other and to the bedroom for a little personalised one on one attention.


Swap the Office for Soft Sands

Imagine swapping the office, the screaming children, the supermarket queues and the television for moonlit walks on white sands, soft feather beds in luxury accommodation, candlelit dinners beside the shores and flowing rich red wine. Whether you choose to rest and rejuvenate with a wine tasting tour of the Hunter Valley, an exclusive second honeymoon package in the Whitsundays or whether you head deep into spa country to truly unwind and melt away in mud bath pleasure, the possibilities are endless.

Make the Occasion an Event

Couples retreats need to go that extra mile to make an occasion of the event. Every couple is different and some will fall head over heels with a luxury lodge perched in the mountains for wilderness walks without a soul in sight. Other couples will prefer lavish holiday home on the shore, laced with cocktails, culture and the chance to splash in the waves. The point is it doesn’t matter where your romantic escapade takes you, as long as it takes you together.


Escape the Comfort Zone and Fuel the Fire

Getting out of your comfort zone can work wonders for your confidence and there is something sensual about sun kissed skin, wild flowers spilling down the mountainside and a locked door with rich cotton sheets fresh on the bed. Turning the phone off, ignoring the world you left behind and taking time to talk, rediscover each other and enjoy a little playful fun away from home is sure to spice things up in the bedroom. This is your chance to renew your energy, your fires and fuel the fun all the more without distractions.


>> Looking for the perfect romantic getaway? Check out our Top 50 Romantic Getaways in Australia in 2017 <<

Image Credit: Tourism Australia, SATC & Fishermans Point.