Otago is a veritable mixed bag, from the sheer solitude of the central region with rugged landscapes; its unmistakable Scottish heritage; award-winning Pinot Noir; and pristine, snow-capped ranges, home to adrenalin-fuelled sports. To top it off, the region is home to world-class vineyards and restaurants, along with fascinating historical sites, making it the perfect getaway destination.

Here we showcase 5 amazing things to do during your getaway:

1. The unusual climate of Otago, along with unique sub-regions, make the area ripe for growing cherries, apricots, and a wide range of grapes. The Pinot Noir produced in the region is some of the world’s finest, along with a collection of delectable white wines. The restaurants are of an equally impressive standard, none more so than Rata, owned by Josh Emmett, an internationally recognised Michelin-starred chef, where delicious cuisine is accompanied by locally produced wines.

Helicopter - Otaga Spotlight

2. You won’t find anything more diverse than the stunning nature throughout Otago. With crystal lakes,      infinite open plains, mountainous regions, sandy beaches, and elusive wildlife, the region is at the heart of New Zealand’s South Island. Due to its sheer expanse, the only way to truly capture the dazzling scenery is by air. Glacier Southern Lakes Helicopters offer the thrilling opportunity to fly over the awe-inspiring, dramatic landscapes of Queenstown, touching down on ancient, snowy glaciers.

3. The region holds the remnants and memories of bygone times, where intrepid Scottish settlers made Otago their new home; none more so than Dunedin, referred to as the Edinburgh of New Zealand, and home to the country’s only castle. Otago’s chequered history is also peppered with enthralling tales from the gold-rush era, and the Lakes District Museum and Gallery brilliantly captures its importance to the region, as well as showcasing impressive art exhibitions and collections.

Onsen - Otaga Spotlight

4. Sometimes, there is nothing better than shutting the door to the outside world, and letting your pressures and stressors slide away. The Onsen Hot Pools, situated in tranquil, alpine surrounds, can help you achieve just that. The private bathing rooms, where the outside wall rolls up leaving you with unobstructed spectacular views, are especially romantic under a twinkling night sky.

5. The shopping opportunities in the region are as varied as its landscapes, with large malls stocking international brands, through to the dynamic atmosphere of the Otago farmers’ market, proudly presenting local grown produce. You’ll also find designer stores, craft fairs, flea markets, art galleries, and a wide range of speciality shops, including The Remarkable Sweet Shop, with its unique, sugary creations.


Otago, from with its endless miles of isolation and tranquillity, to its bustling, vibrant ambience, is the perfect getaway location. Why not make it a trip to remember and choose one of our luxury accommodations in Otago, cementing the truly wonderful experience?


Image: Commonage Villas, Queenstown, New Zealand